We've built a platform to make earning easier for you.

Using our Platform, you will be able to quickly open account, fund your e-wallet, organize your database, monetize your contacts and withdraw your earnings instantly. This Platform is ideal for social media account holders or people with large following such as politicians, religious leaders, businessmen and Celebs. With Team Pesa, you can build networking business, send bulk notifications, store your contacts and retrieve them if you loose your phone.

Lets make your online presence make sense and earn you money. Establish your side hustle with Team Pesa and fulfill your financial needs.

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Services to your Global Network

Team Pesa gives a highly lucrative services that are competitive in the market and also basic to your downlines and network at large.

  • Multi Level Marketing (MLM)

    We provide you with seven level network where you have earn handsomely in each level. Our earning ratio is dependent on your package which gives you more chances of earning.

  • Contact Management

    Your phone can't handle many contacts right? Don't worry, our system is a live saver. Grow your contact list to infinity. Have as many as you can and across the globe. We will manage them for you.


Popular products

Make a turning point today by becoming an agent our our fast moving products.

Earning strategy


Join Team Pesa today and secure your referal link.


Spread and market your refferal link to get refferals.


Market and sell our products to earn more.


Withdraw your earning and REPEAT the procedure.

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Airtime and Data.

Millions of shillings are spend daily to buy airtime and data. Simply earn as your referrals wants to make a call or surf internet.

Multi Level Marketing

To increase your income, every referral you invite you earn through out the system and in any activities they do system wide.

Power bills and Electricity Tokens

Digitization of power meters has opened limitless opportunities for people to prosper. Through our platform, you will earn when your referrals pay their bills.

Chama and Saccos.

Chamas and saccos save 300 billion per year. Our Chama Module has been designed to manage informal chamas for enhance mutual trust, transparency and accountability. Team Pesa helps you earn from your network who earns through our sponsored chamas that is Daily Chama, Weekly Chamas and Monthly Chamas.

Job Vacancies and Payroll system

Job seekers and business owners in your phonebook are facing challenges connecting with the right candidate. Accounting officers in your contact list are looking for stress free ways of managing petty cash and paying salaries and wages.

Our Packages

Phone Book

Maximum Referrals


Registration Fee

KES 500

Monthly Subscription

KES 100

Product sales profit share


Direct Referral Commission


Maximum Referrals


Registration Fee

KES 1,000

Monthly Subscription

KES 300

Product sales profit share


Direct Referral Commission


Maximum Referrals


Registration Fee

KES 2,000

Monthly Subscription

KES 500

Product sales profit share


Direct Referral Commission


You need help?

This is a basic help system that will help you navigate and operate through-out the system.

Team pesa gives you an opportunity to interact with people and most importantly earn from them. Our platform have more than enough products to make your earning drift to the next level.
With team people, you will be able to monitize your network, start your online store and get all your services at a swipe of a screen.
It is a strategy where you create a network then monetize the network to elevate your earning. MLM platforms gives you an opportunity to earn from the network that you created by providing you with fast moving products.
We are equipped with products needed daily in these digital world. Our products wont need shipping or packaging, 80% of our products are E-Products whose market is everywhere.
Create an account with us and get your refferal code now and start building you online empire. Simply << click here >> to create account.
For you to earn, your account must be monetised. This means you have paid the registration fee and your subscription is healthy. Failure to that, you wont earn no matter how hard you work.
Account packages are the packages the ones that determines how much you will earn per referral and per product. The best package is the Network package because you earn 50% of the profit in either referrals or product sales.
Accounts are subscribed monthly to ensure continuity of the networks upwards or downwards. By monthly subscription, you are assured that every month you will earn substantial amount of cash. This is a mechanism to create financial confidence amongst our members.
Our products will not reduce in stock or be deplete, this is because we get the products from the best of the bests in the respective fields.
Purchasing is done within the platform so these means you will use or load float in your account for you to purchase.
Similar to purchasing, selling of our products is done online within the platform and the profit is loaded into your wallet.
We have a variety of products such as SMS, MLM,Chamas, Data bundles, Airtime, charity sweepstakes and many more.
Our platform consist of seven levels where each level you earn a certain amount when ever they earn. The more your network grows the more the returns. So the aim should be mobilizing people to recruit more which translates to higher profits.
You can refer a 1,000 Referrals in a week by using a simple trick. Take your referral poster with you link and broad cast it to as many people in the the social medias that you are in. After a week, congratulations... from phone book to network.


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